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Go Green

Reduce your carbon foot-print equivalent to sixty cars taken off the road, or planting 2.3 arcs of trees.


With thousands of solar systems installed across the country its easy to see why Solar.IQ will be able to take care of you.

Why Solar

This is the first time in history it is less expensive to go solar than it is to pay the utility company for their electricity.


Energy Independence
​What could be better than owning your own power source?
Save up to 40%
Harnessing the power of the sun has never been more affordable!  It just makes smart financial sense!


Dependable Technology
Quiet, clean, renewable, and just as reliable as traditional power sources.


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Why the name Solar.iQ?

We believe there is an education process involved to make the switch to solar power and for both home and business owners. We feel it is our responsibility to inform and educate you so you’re able to make the SMARTEST decision possible and feel good about your investment.

Save Up to 40% of your Power Bills

Take Advantage of Federal, State and Local Incentives. Our carefully crafted financing options are sure to suit everyone’s needs.

Increase the efficiency and Home Value

Lower Monthly Expenses = Value Added
Owning your own Power Source = Value Added
Energy Independence = Priceless

Authorized Dealers

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Residential Solar

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Commercial Solar

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At Solar IQ we believe in helping our customers make informed decisions. The fact is solar isn’t for everyone and with our analysis tools we can tell you if it financially makes sense for your family. However, we also know that there are many misconceptions about solar. For many, if not most, solar is going to save them money and be a terrific financial decision. We will educate and spend as much time as is needed helping you understand and make a smart, fully informed decision for your family. We want to sell solar only to those who will truly benefit from the energy savings with a quick ROI.

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